Virus / Malware Removal

Virus infection

Viruses can get into your computer in a number of ways. If you do not have an up to date virus scanner installed there is always a risk of infection. It is not always obvious that you are infected, unless there is clear messages demanding payment. If you want peace of mind we can provide a full virus scan, or help you to do a clean install of your system in the event of a confirmed infection.

Expect to pay £40.00 for this service.

Internet Browsing Seems Slow

If your search engine provider has switched to someone else like or Yahoo without your permission or you get regular pop-up adverts that seem unrelated to the pages you are visiting, you may have infected your computer with malware. Virus checkers are ineffective at stopping this sort of problem for legal reasons. This software is often written for the benefit of “legitimate” companies so cannot be classified as a virus without risk of being sued.

Some malware is difficult to uninstall without the help of specific anti-malware software, and can even be designed to block its own removal. If you are unable to do this yourself bring the computer to us for disinfection.

Expect to pay £40.00 for this service.

“Hi, I’m Calling From Microsoft….”

No you are not. But if you have received one of these calls just after having noticed some glitchy behaviour from your PC, or get a similar call from someone claiming to be TalkTalk who seems to have access to all your personal details, then you may drop your guard and give them access to your computer.

Hopefully, when the caller gets around to the outrageous demand for payment, the penny drops and you end the call. At this point, and for no good reason, the scammers then seem to enjoy installing a security lock on your computer that will make it inaccessible to you after the call.

If you have no precious data that needs saving on your system then simply wipe the computer hard drive and start again. If you do not have the recovery disks for your computer to do that, we can help here at Redhill Computers.

If you need to try to get access to what is on the disk there are some ways to do this, but make sure you do not attempt to use the built in Windows Restore Point features to try to regain access unless you have researched this thoroughly. Doing so incorrectly can ensure your data is permanently inaccessible.

If they managed to get you to pay any money you should contact your bank directly for further advice.

If not then contact us to see if we can make your computer accessible and safe.

We will charge £40.00 to sort this out.


If your computer is unresponsive and high internet traffic when you are not using the computer you may have inadvertently installed back door software that can allow control your computer by hacker groups as part of an illegal botnet. Hackers usually target business servers as they are always switched on, rather than home users, but if in doubt you can test your home network address by clicking below.

Click here for Kaspersky’s Free BotNet check.

If you get a positive result then you can bring your system to us for analysis.


Software solutions for all the the above issues are a flat fee of £40.00.

Exceptionally there may be additional costs involved for particularly complex data retrieval but that will be discussed