Laptop Upgrades

Laptops are limited in their upgrade potential. They are already crammed full of components, and often processors are not replaceable, so there are few ways to get more speed.


More RAM will often improve overall speed, but only if you are regularly filling up your current installed memory. Once your RAM memory is full, then the computer starts switching data to the hard drive. To see if this is affecting your laptop performance this shows up in your task manager as a hard fault. If you regularly get lots of hard faults showing up in your task manager, an increase in RAM will definitely improve overall perfomance.

We can provide new or reconditioned memory and install for you at highly competitive prices. We will ensure any memory purchased from us is compatible and installed correctly.

Different types of memory vary significantly so call us with your laptop model to determine the best option.

Hard Drive

One big improvement in speed can be to switch to a Sold State Drive. This is particularly suitable for laptops. They are lighter, draw less power and are many times faster than traditional hard drives.

We offer a specialist service to migrate to SSD. This includes transferring data, and optimising for SSD, as well as physically installing the drive in the laptop.

SSD prices are fluctuating but for installing and migrating a 240GB drive expect to pay £90.00. If you want to use the old drive as an external back up then we can install it into a USB caddy for an additional £10.00.